Vaccine Availability And Rollout Not To Be Taken for Granted


The vaccine is being rolled out however the saying that there is many a slip between cup and lip is true. In real life, things go wrong and we just have to live with it. A state which was expecting vaccines to arrive. Didn’t get them because they got shipped to another state. As a result, this has already happened and the vaccine rollout is days into motion. Consequently, it is important to understand that things don’t always go as planned. Many Americans are expecting to get the vaccine right away only one has to have realistic expectations. There are not enough vaccines for those designated as a priority. Which in the US are health workers and those in care homes.

The situation will get better as the vaccines are produced and received in greater numbers. Even there it is not sure if even half of what producers claim they can produce will be produced. The target is by the summer of next year there will be sufficient doses for everyone.


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