3D Printing is the New Solution for Bugatti Cars

Photo via Bugatti.

3D printing is here to stay — and to serve one of the most luxurious and powerful car empires in the world. Bugatti’s new Chiron Pur Sport is soon going to operate on the 3D-printed parts.

Apworks have already printed a crucial detail for the $3.3 million Chiron: a titanium exhaust tailpipe, Bugatti representatives announced on March 28th.

The company’s goal was making Chiron Pur Sport especially good in cornering, which required a more lightweight construction. The new tailpipe, with its walls that might seem paper-thin but are highly temperature resistant, is one of the crucial parts.

Chiron Pur Sport also has 3D-printed titanium heat shields that have the same dimensions as their predecessors but are 2.6 pounds lighter and can survive temperatures up to 1200 ºF.

In total, 3D printing helped Bugatti to cut the latest Chiron’s weight by 110 pounds.


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