Is Vitamin D The Cure For The Coronavirus


Is Vitamin D the cure for Coronavirus? There has been much discussion as to whether D helps to keep the coronavirus at bay. Even D. Fauci has recently stated to take Vitamin D. It is not outlandish that a flu virus at its base will be eventually cured by Vitamin D. However the science is still not convinced. The lancet came out with a report that although it does no harm to take Vitamin D and recommends it. Its medical evidence which is encouraging is unfortunately only just that currently. Trials are of course ongoing to prove efficacy is still ongoing. However, it is still some way from proving scientifically that it does cure this particular virus.

While others continue to work on vaccines that will eradicate this flu virus it is important to note that at this stage. Vaccines are stated to become available only by the spring of next year.

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