A Short Window Of Opportunity To Do The Right Things Before Lockdown Becomes Inevitable


The situation is going from bad to worse. Not only has the US  overtaken India for the largest number of cases recorded in a day. It has a raging increase in numbers that is sustained. This, unfortunately, will show up as a lot more deaths in the coming weeks. Many states are now reporting health facility capacity is at breaking point. The issue is that Americans are not being provided with the information on which hospitals are at this stage. One health official is stating we have a small window of opportunity now to place measures in place. Otherwise, a mandatory lockdown will have to come into effect. There must be an immediate wearing of masks, no events of friends and families coming together. The playing of games such as baseball and football etc that attract crowds at all levels from junior league up. Failure to take these measures now will certainly take our health facility capacity over its limits.

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Our Healthcare Editor, Lisa, has a bullseye on the most relevant industry news. Lisa possesses several incredible talents. For example she has a bullseye on the most relevant news in the health industry, and she can smell a fraud. One of Lisa’s biggest pet peeves is Multi-Level Marketing (or, as refers to it, “snake oil whisperers”), so we are in good hands. Coming from a long line of Washington doctors, Lisa is an OB-GYN dietitian with a Master’s from NYU. She plans to launch free nutrition counseling for pregnant Americans — and, ideally, to people all over the world too. She has also sworn to fight misinformation in the health industry with her bare hands. Email:ramirez@democracyforus.org


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