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Our Jupiter Today was launched in 2019 when a group of Science Journalists each making a very good living writing articles decided they could get a start-up together and develop a go to site for science news, something that they were all passionate about.

So many discoveries, new species, astrological events were all going relatively unnoticed. Not all the stories submitted were getting published. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and hence the light-bulb moment of a dedicated science site began to gain momentum.

That’s how Avocado Digital Media in San Francisco was approached to assist Anthony, Lisa & William structure a strategy to make their concept of a science based news site like Jupiter Today become a reality. In less than a month a team of professionals were assembled with different experiences and expertise in a wide range of science based subjects all ready to start contributing magnificent articles in line with their exposure.

It happened so fast recalls Lisa. One week we were talking to a few people in a room brainstorming ideas on how to get the project off the ground and a short while later there was a domain, a physical site & writers. Slowly we started editing the articles & publishing them. Today we have a fully fledged news room with professionals writing everyday. We consider the team family now.

Jupiter Today sheds light on the latest world news in science, technology, astronomy, video games, and science fiction. We orbit the globe to find the best stories to keep you informed and entertained.

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