AirPower Returns: Wireless Charger Resurrected by Apple

Photo via Jon Prosser on Twitter.

It is apparently too soon to bury AirPower, even though Apple itself has officially done so.

The wireless charging device was promised to Apple users three years ago, but the project never really took off. What could have been an (almost)-one-for-all solution for recharging numerous of the brand’s devices, from iPods to AirPods, would end up facing several troubles before the big roll-out. The device, designed as a one solid charging space and shaped like a miniature mat, would overheat itself and the gadget it was supposed to be charging — plus, it would not support Apple Watch.

AirPower was eventually canceled in 2019 but today Jon Prosser, a credible player on the Apple leaks arena, published an unexpected update: several photos of what looks like the good old AirPower mat — and it was a charging Apple Watch at that.

Prosser had already spilled some knowledge on the resurrected charger not so long ago, claiming that this AirPower model was dubbed “C68,” and that it was set to debut either by the end of this year or at the beginning of 2021. But now he has actually provided photo evidence.

According to Prosser, Apple has handled the problem with overheating by equipping the new AirPower with A11 Bionic chip. The cable seen in the pictures is USB-C.


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