American Air Is Still Dangerous


On Apri 21st the American Lung Association released “State of the Air”, a statement reporting the 2016-2018 research on the ozone quality.

Los Angeles continues to be the city where ozone pollution has prevailed during the past 20 years. Bakersfield, a city in California leads in year-round particle pollution, while Fresno-Madera-Hanford in the same state has the worst short-term one.

Bangor, ME, Burlington-South Burlington, VT, Urban Honolulu, HI, and Wilmington, NC are currently the cleanest areas in the U.S., with zero-high ozone or high particle pollution.

Still, more than 41.9 percent of people in the country live in areas with poor air conditions.

The 161 pages of the article present statistics showing the pollution surges, as well as what keeps causing it. Climate change seems to be the central cause. The American Lung Association urged Congress to act as soon as possible and to leave the Clean Air Act, as well as the Climate Change Health Protection and Promotion Act fully untouched.


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