Anti-harassment Software Startup Ethena Raises $2 Million

Photo via Pexels.

Two Harward alumni, Anne Solmssen and Roxanne Petraeus are ready to revamp corporate anti-harassment training with a more digestible approach.

The developers have raised $2 million for their Ethena startup. Ethena is described as educational software designed to help the companies that require their staff to complete regular harassment awareness presentations. These programs are often not quite relevant to the present-day scenarios; they are also sometimes quite lengthy and suffer from information overload.

Ethena offers year-round 5-10 minute lessons that are always applicable to modern situations. For example, since the remote working has been on the rise after the coronavirus pandemic hit, the workplace harassment integrated itself into online platforms.

One of the main current tasks for Ethena, which takes the form of an in-browser app, is to develop a safe and sure way for collecting efficiency data and prove that the project works. A lot of harassment victims don’t report the incidents or report them months (and even years) after they took place.


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