Apple and Google Team Up to Fight Coronavirus


Whilst the world awaits a vaccine, the big tech companies are collaborating together to develop new apps to advance Bluetooth tracking technology. 

Yes the world is going to be much changed and Companies like Apple and Google are working together to develop potential solutions to help curb the virus. 

Published on Friday by a joint statement of the two giants, the plan is to get phones communicating with each other with the aim of warning the users about the people they have come in contact with that are infected with the virus. 

As early as May Google plans to release these tools so apps from public health can use the contact tracing technology. Their aim is to have this go global. 

Big tech companies have been working on initiatives since the start of the pandemic as well as making and distributing protective equipment for health care workers. In addition Google announced last month that it will commit more than $800 million to assist small business and crisis responders dealing with the Coronavirus spread. 

Whilst novel and potentially life-saving technology is worked on the issue of privacy invariably has to come to the fore. 

The American Civil Liberties Union warned in a report earlier this week that contact tracing apps could lead to increased government surveillance, particularly if data isn’t properly protected. The organization also noted that GPS and Bluetooth signals can sometimes be inaccurate or untrustworthy. 

Its still early to judge as and until the two companies release the apps. However they are accustomed to privacy issues and will be sure to protect both themselves and the public in this joint project. “We appreciate that Apple and Google have made a commitment to protect privacy,” said Kurt Opsahi, the EFF’s deputy executive director and lead lawyer. 

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