Apple AR Glasses Will Not Show Up Until 2022

Photo via Unsplash.

Apple has just purchased NextVR, a startup that has content-licensing contracts with the NBA, Fox Sports, as well as numerous leagues. Since NextVR doesn’t have its own AR/VR headset, it is logical to speculate on the long-anticipated Apple AR Glasses coming in handy.

But a recently surfaced note from Ming-Chi Kuo, a notorious specialist at TF International Securities, says that Apple AR specs won’t be fully introduced until 2022, the Techradar reported on May 14th. His prediction is based on supply chain info from GIS, which is reportedly collaborating with Apple for the AR lens lamination.

The lamination prices will most probably be high, Kuo assumes since the glasses will require several layers, for a more authentic and innovative experience.

It is likely that Apple will deliver an AR device before the actual glasses, with capabilities from the ARKit framework, as well as a capability to use a set of 3D sensors, says the Appleinsider.


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