Asteroid Sample Safely Stored Away


Very rarely do we get to witness a world first but that we did when a space mission successfully landed on an asteroid. Then collected samples by sending a van-sized shuttle to land on the asteroid. It then extended an arm to collect the sample. Returning to the mother ship successfully without incident. That was a world first and an incredible achievement. In that feat, we advanced both scientifically and mechanically. Once the sample was safely back on the mother ship.  Another issue occurred to do with stowing away the sample safely. This was because a rock was preventing the capsule containing the sample from closing fully. This caused sample material to leak.

Today 2 months earlier than planned the successful  safe encapsulation of the sample was achieved. The sample is 200million miles away from earth. It is due to arrive in two years and during an earth, pass send the sample down to a waiting team.

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