Billions of Names, Home Addresses, And More Leaked Through BlueKai’s Security Breach

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

BlueKai, one of the most accurate personal data banks in the world, suffered a security breach, putting massive quantities of private data on public display.

The incident, first reported by TechCrunch, was discovered by Roi Carthy, CEO of the cybersecurity firm Hudson River, who then contacted Oracle, the database software corporation behind BlueKai. Their representatives have already made an official statement, saying that the services had not been “configured” in a proper manner and that the companies will work on avoiding similar missteps in the future.

BlueKai is known as the Holy Grail of web marketing for its meticulous collecting methods of random users’ personal data through cookies. The software uses every piece of information possible to serve you with especially accurate ads based on your preferences.


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