Black Hole Makes a Spaghetti Meal Out Of A Star


Think of a gargantuan meal of spaghetti that is what some lucky astronomers got to see. As a black hole devouring a star in the far reaches of out Galaxy. Although a rare event we have the telescope technology that allowed for this to be seen. This is because as the black hole starts to devour the star it starts blasts of light that alert astronomers of just what is going on. When this event is happening the forces of the black hole are so powerful that they start to strip the materials that the star is made up of. As a result, it also starts to project out dust clouds as it is eating. Consequently making it more difficult for astronomers to see as the dust clouds obscure events.

This is however a sight to behold to observe such a force of space doing what it does best as a poor star who has wondered in too close. Once this happens it’s force field entraps the star and pulls it in to be devoured. The star has no chance of escape and its fate is sealed.

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