China Sends Rocket To The Moon To Collect Rock Samples


It has finally happened again. A mission to collect rocks only this time. From a hitherto unexplored region on the moon. This feat has been accomplished previously by only two countries some time ago. A multistage rocket is being used to achieve this mission. It will in various stages collect rock samples through robotic arms. It will then re-couple with the mother ship in orbit. Then head back to earth. Envisaged to last 20+ days is the projected time frame. This is very exciting as it opens space exploration further. It also shows how much the science and technology behind these endeavours have improved. Consequently, collecting samples is a giant leap forward in understanding the composition of our moon further.

Technology is advancing at very rapid rates. Once they were impossible to achieve yet now they are being achieved more quickly. Hurdles that were not easy to overcome and being hurdled with ease. Further and more difficult objectives are scheduled for missions in the near future.

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