Cleavage is OK, Female Nipples are Banned on Twitch

Photo via Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash.

Over the years Twitch has become the most popular live streaming service among gamers. But the fame usually comes with a price — and in this case, it is one too many cases of indecent exposure on screen. So on April 7th Twitch renewed their community guidelines, presenting them via a blog post titled “Update to Our Nudity and Attire Policy”.

Twitch officials thought everything through in great detail. According to the new rules, the community members are now prohibited from showing “genitals or buttocks” or the outlines of covered genitals.

A special section is dedicated to “those who present as women”. Twitch kindly asks these individuals to cover their nipples, but approves a cleavage. The “actively breastfeeding a child on stream” is also greenlighted.


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