Bleeping Computer Discovers Ugly Truth About the Ransomware Business

Photo via Bleeping Computer/CLOP.

Three new ransomware families have launched sites to post stolen private data of major world-known companies. This came to light thanks to Bleeping Computer’s investigation published on March 24.

The Netfilm, CLOP and Sekhmet ransomware families have used security breaching to steal massive amounts of private data. Their victims include several major businesses and universities.

All of them have previously refused to pay ransom to prevent stolen information from exposure. Right now their employees’ personal data is online and available for purchase. Different hackers and other ill-willing individuals can use it for their gain.

CLOP actually revealed some details of a typical attack. The post on their ransomware site reads: “You are the owner of a large business. […] Your colleagues call you at night and tell you that all the servers and workstations […] are not working!”

“All files are encrypted without the ability to decrypt […]!”

“All your employees can’t even log in to a Windows account on a computer!”

“Companies with 100+ thousand servers and computers allow primitive erred in administration. Which allow one person to destroy your business in 5 hours of work.” (sic)


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