Epic Games Will Now Demand Two-Factor Authentication From Everyone


Following some serious safety breaches leading to selling stolen user data on the black market, Epic Games decided to come through introducing two-factor authentication, or 2FA, which will remain a requirement for some time.

The developer has recently gained another wave of a cult following after the Fortnite release, so the situation is crucial. In the April 28th statement Epic Games announced that starting today and till May 21st, the gamers will be obliged to go through 2FA. This will be the only way to access to free games in the EG Store. This is meant to inspire users to work on their own account safety.

Epic Games admits that while these measures might be a mild nuisance, they’re extremely important.

The 2FA will be enabled with a safety code that users will have to use to sign in.

While the Epic Games representatives hint that these measures are temporary, many gamers suspect that 2FA will eventually become permanent.


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