Facebook Wants the Couples to Stay “Tuned” Despite the Data Scandals

Photo via App Store.

It might be easy to duplicate digital memories of your relationship history. It is the organizing part that can be hard sometimes, decided the Facebook team. So they have launched Tuned — a new app created specifically for couples.

Tuned, which debuted on April 8th, is a brainchild of New Product Experimentation, a team of developers that Facebook introduced last summer. The app is supposed to provide couples with private virtual space. It takes the form of a messenger that allows the users to exchange photos, memos, stickers, reactions, plus playlists and tracks from Spotify.

The interface is full of pastel colors and cartoon-like elements that the developers describe as “a digital scrapbook”.

Tuned is available for iOS devices only, at least right now. It is already gaining lukewarm remarks from the users who claim that Facebook is just fishing for more private data.

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