FoodLogiQ Develops Unique Database To Help You Track Your Food’s Journey Through Supply Chains

Photo by mali maeder via Pexels.

FoodLogiQ, a U.S.-based software company guarding food visibility, wants you to track what you eat.

It is basically impossible to be immune to food poisoning, or health complications linked to the food we consume. More and more suppliers and chains introduce improved food safety guidelines, but it usually happens only after committing a misstep that damages hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people.

One of the problems is the lack of a transparent and universal approach to tracking the way that your favorite meal makes from the supplier to the grocery store and, eventually, to your plate. While many companies try to unveil as much information on that process as possible, it is not always convenient to find such data.

FoodLogicQ developers joined forces with SAP,, and IBM Food Trust to work on an accessible database project which will unite as many food industry players as possible. The information they contribute will help to create standardized online maps of the journey made by every meat, dairy, seafood, vegetable goods — and so on.

The team has already successfully tested the concept by using GS1 EPICS (Electronic Product Code Information Services), an open global standard used to collect and exchange data within supply chains.


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