Freshly Discovered Peacock Spider is a Copy of Van Gogh’s Painting (VIDEO)


Australian fauna continues to blow people’s minds with its strange beauty. The latest discovery by an entomology and arachnology expert Joseph Schubert is a perfect example.

The young scientist traveled around the southern and western regions of the country to discover and study 7 new species of peacock spiders. They are incredibly tiny (around 0.16 inches) and look absolutely ordinary — right until you get them under macro lenses.

It turns out these spiders actually possess astonishing coloration that consists of vibrant shades: turquoise, purple, red, blue, emerald and orange.

One specie has a particularly curious pattern that resembles “Starry Night”, one of the most famous paintings by Vincent van Gogh.

After publishing his research paper on March 27, Joseph Schubert made a Twitter announcement attaching the footage of the new peacock spiders to it. His post soon went viral.


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