Glydways To Test Autonomous Car Transit System With Californian Passengers

Photo via Glydways on Twitter.

Glydways, a San Francisco transportation company, will test an innovative transit system using solely autonomous electric vehicles. The Californian city of Oakley is ready to host the experiment. On May 12th, the City Council collectively approved a partnership agreement.

This on-demand system will consist of individual autonomous vehicles which will then drive through compact paths similar to bicycle lanes. Each car will fit up to three riders at a time, who will board from secluded bays and through individual pods that operate on batteries, reports the East Bay Times.

As the Glydways proposal states, the autonomous transit system will require $20 million per mile to build, and the pods are set to be tested at Concord’s GoMentum Station. The project is described as a system that allows you to wait mere seconds for your transportation vehicle to arrive. It is designed to transport up to 10 thousand people every hour.


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