Google Chrome To Axe Ads That Are Too Heavy

Photo via Unsplash.

Ads that drain your gadget’s resources will soon be taken care of by Google Chrome. The browser, which has a built-in ad blocker, will roll out a new feature this August, the company announced on May 14th.

The developers singled out three potential thresholds that an ad may meet to get a block:4MB of network data, or a 60-second CPU usage. These conditions can waste data, slow down devices, and drain their batteries faster. The types of resource-heavy ads that usually fall under them can be found among those used to mine cryptocurrency, unoptimized for network usage, or just poorly programmed, reports the Venture Beat.

When Chrome’s new feature detects a heavy ad, it will change its frame to a page that says “Ad removed”. If a user decides to find out why he would simply need to select “Details” and get an explanation about the advertising consuming too much data and being taxing on resources.

Google promises to keep in mind that thousands of Internet sites depend on advertising. Therefore, if an ad gets blocked, the company will receive a report informing why that happened.


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