Google In Conflict With A Key Employee In AI Ethics Research


AI is a major thrust of Google. In fact, it is working on several projects to enhance its use in search. It is, therefore, a great shock to many in the company and outside it. An important person within the AI team is no more. The AI expert was a leading light in the field of AI ethics and her departure and the way it was conducted. Is unacceptable to many. It was no wonder that signatories from both within the company and outside it. Was not long in coming and submitted to the company. In fairness to Google, it has said the main issue was the person concerned wrote a paper for publication. There is a  set policy and procedures within the company for this.

The paper was submitted only a day prior to its publication date instead of the set two weeks. The person then gave the company an ultimatum publish or I leave. The company accepted her resignation.

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