Google Introduces Sodar, Experimental AR App For Better Social Distancing

Photo via Experiments with Google on Twitter.

As the COVID-19 numbers keep going up and down, it’s safe to say that the social distancing measures remain a priority. This is why Google is testing waters with Sodar — an augmented reality web-app tailored to help with maintaining the six-feet/two meters-apart rule.

After installing and launching Sodar, users will be able to scan their surroundings while a 2 m radius appears on their devices. This would at least give you an idea of how close you are to other people in public places — which is pretty much relevant since way too many individuals have already begun to go outside with no face coverings.

Sodar was introduced via the Experiments With Google Twitter account on May 28th, with a caption that offers to “use WebXR to help visualize social distancing guidelines in your environment.”

The app is currently available for Android devices and Google Chrome.


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