Google Launches Shoploop: R&G Service With TikTok-Like Reviews

Photo via Google on YouTube.

Google has officially launched Shoploop, a new research and development platform aimed to revolutionize online shopping.

Shoploop is a brainchild of Lax Poojary, the founder of Area 120 which serves as an in-house incubator for Google’s experimental ideas. The idea, according to his post-launch blog post, was to help customers walk an easier path. Instead of chasing new ideas or products by jumping from platform to platform, they can scroll through Shoploop, which is currently focused on beauty brands and their ambassadors.

With a feed that looks a bit like Twitter’s, Shoploop allows the users to browse the catalog of different products which are presented with TikTok-esque clips of influencers advertising them, often in the form of makeup tutorials. Each video has a running time of up to 90 seconds. Any desirable item can be purchased on the spot.


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