GoogleDuo Upgrades the Quality Game With a New Codec


GoogleDuo, which was initially created as an alternative for Apple’s FaceTime, is evolving in the face of competition. The app responds to the current high demand for quality videotelephony products by introducing a revolutionary compression algorithm AV1.

This new codec will be officially available in the coming weeks, as Google promised on April 22nd. Meanwhile, it gave the GoogleDuo users a glimpse into the future, releasing side-by-side comparisons of two video calls — one using the old codec, and another using AV1. The Internet connection speed during the call was only 30 kb/s, but the AV1 video was extremely smooth, reports The Next Web.

It wasn’t the only upgrade that GoogleDuo gets. The users will be able to quickly snap a side-by-side photo of themselves with a person they are talking to (much more convenient than a simple screenshot): this option is called Duo Moments.

Other upcoming options include more than 12 people in a conference call and the chance to automatically save your video messages which right now vanish after 24 hours.


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