Green Tea Panacea for all Ill’s

Photo by Arfan A on Unsplash

There is approximately 40% of the bacteria Flavonifractor plauti FP – that makes up the composition of green tea.  

That’s good to know because researchers at Shinshu University in Nagano have found that FP can inhibit inflammation, lower blood pressure, and help regulate weight. 

So having a cup of green tea could cure many of the food allergies that people suffer from. This is because FP suppresses the responses of the immune system that are behind food allergies. 

This is the reason believed to be behind the fact that people in Nagano live longer, and have the lowest medical care costs per person in Japan. 

The study, which was reported in the specialist journal Frontiers in Immunology, concluded: ‘There is potential for the FP strains of bacteria to follow in the steps of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacterium in being added to foods for their desired functionality.’ 

However the green tea needs to be fresh as it loses over 50% of its antioxidant levels after six months. 


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