Hair Extensions From Forced Labour Camps In China Seized In US


One would think that the hair extension market would be in violation of international law. Only it most certainly is. Hair extensions are big business in the US. Among the US Afro/Caribean community they are a booming Trade. The pandemic has caused a lot of loss of trade and business shutdowns. Only not for the beauty salons that cater to hair extensions. One beauty salon owner said that a woman’s hair is an extension of her beauty.  Pandemic or not there has been no slowdown in her salon when it concerned hair extensions. US customs have seized a large consignment of synthetic hair originating in China. Hair extensions are being supplied to the world from a region in China that uses slave labour in internment camps.

One of the hair salons involved in the shipment was aghast at the news. She said she cancelled her orders because she does not want or believe in slave labour.

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