Herd Immunity Policy Is Commiting Murder


The Cair and Chief Executive of Access Healthcare states. There are people within the present administration who are advocating herd immunity. As a result and in his view, this is like saying we should commit mass murder on people. He goes further to state that these people are knowingly bypassing the most qualified health officials. Officials for the policy of herd immunity are sure we require a better solution. The recent resurgence and his own infection have made him reconsider his previous position. We know that currently, the infected number is low when compared to other countries. However, that is relative to for example having a more rapid rate of infection to other countries.

It is apparent that allowing a herd mentality risks many millions dead over many years to come. To stop an unmitigated disaster from occurring. The thought on the issue that is required now requires to be both careful and sober .


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