Iron Man VR To Finally Arrive In July

Sony PlayStation VR Iron man Gamescom 2019. Photo via dronepicr on Flickr.

Marvel’s Iron Man virtual reality shooter has finally powered its way to the premier.

The Campuflaj-produced game was postponed by Sony twice so far — but it is officially revealed now that Iron Man VR will is coming for PlayStation on July 3rd.

The news was confirmed by the official Twitter accounts for PlayStation and Camouflaj, thanking the fans for being supportive and patient.

The game, which allows a player to fly a mile in Tony Stark’s legendary superhero suit, is presumed to be a brand new storyline within the canonical universe of the Marvel’s Iron Man. The suit graphics are created in collaboration with Adi Granov, an illustrator and costume designer for Marve. The early demos of this VR have gained praise from critics for smoothness, realism and attention to detail.


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