Largest Liquid Fueled ICBM Missiles Shown In Parade


With the world dealing with a resurgence of the pandemic which is now back to spring numbers. On the other side of the world, the youngest dictator was parading nuclear armaments. The most startling view was a truly massive intercontinental ballistic missile. Analysts have concluded it is the biggest liquid-fuelled one they have ever seen. Drones were taking video of the parade and the crowd. While their feed to gigantic screens made the crowds watching part of the parade. That is when the amazing thought came to mind. None in the parade or crowds watching had a mask on.

This is because it is stated by the dictator’s regime that the pandemic is nonexistent in the country. Difficult to believe however the country is so isolated it may just be possible. However, it still has contact with the outside world through where it is thought the pandemic originated.

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