Lifeguard AI By Sightbit Will Help Human Colleagues Detect Distressed Swimmers

Photo via Igor Starkov on Pexels.

Lifeguards can now be armed with AI technology.

Sightbit is a brainchild of Israeli developers from Ben-Gurion University. Its AI-based technology can be integrated with entirely common digital cameras in order to detect people in various types of distress. The software, which combines convolutional neural networks, deep learning, and computer vision, was fed numerous real-life photos during its training, reports Venture Beat.

While scanning the crowd for attendees in potential danger, Sightbit takes the weather and the crowd size into account. It doesn’t just alert lifeguards about endangered swimmers, but also gives recommendations about how many people are needed for safeguarding during a particular day. According to the developers, a single Sightbit camera can look over a thousand feet of a beach.

With the beach season already on despite the still-going pandemic, thousands of people suffering from the lockdown fatigue are hitting the shore. A lot of them are behaving recklessly — but, truth be told, that had been a sad reality even before the pandemic.


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