Microsoft Shuts Down Physical Stores Forever, Goes Fully Digital

Photo by Frank V. via Unsplash.

Microsoft closes the absolute majority of its physical stores forever after a 21-year run, relocating online.

Even a tech giant like that was not immune to the pandemic hardships, and the lockdown eventual made Microsoft join other large companies that shut down their retail chains. Plus, the lockdown only proved the customer’s willingness to go on hauls remotely. Back in April,

Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella contributed to a study that showed the way society made two years of digital conversion in just sixty days during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Right now, Microsoft promises to transit its retail staff to the digital arena where they will manage the sales process, consulting, customer support, and so on. As for the company’s Industry Experience Centers in London, Seatle, and New York, those venues will continue to operate as usual.


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