Federal Court Decides What to Do with LeBronn’s Tattoos

Photo via Keith Allison on Flickr.

It seems that a tattoo licensing firm Solid Oak Sketches isn’t getting the Take-Two Interactive Software money anytime soon. On March 26th Federal court dismissed its copyright infringement lawsuit regarding the basketball star LeBron James’ tattoos.

The conflict started back in 2016 when Solid Oak claimed that Take-Two unlawfully replicated the signature tattoos that they had created for LeBron. The copies were then featured on NBA 2K, a hit basketball sports simulation game.

Before taking it to court Solid Oak had demanded a $1.4 million fee for using LeBron James’ three inkings in the videogame. Take-Two refused to pay.

Thursday’s final verdict defined the use of the tattoos in the videogame as “too trivial”, noting that fictionalized likeness of the Take-Two LeBron is too vague. “Only 0.000286% to 0.000431%” of the game’s data contains tattoo imagery, the ruling reads. The judge also added that the Solid Oak artists were aware that LeBron would eventually appear in the media where his body would be visible.


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