NBA Advises The Players To Wear Oura Rings When Postponed Season Resumes

Photo via Oura on YouTube.

After taking risks and deciding to finish the 2019-2020 season this summer, the NBA has introduced safety measures for the players, one of which is the smart multisensor rings by Oura.

The device, stylized as a minimalist black titanium ring, was created to harvest the health data of the person who wears it. This includes body temperature and heart rate, the measures that are known to be crucial for detecting most of the COVID-19 cases in their early stages. All the changes and alerts can be tracked through the ring’s app on different smart devices.

Of course, the Oura rings are not the only or main solution for detecting the virus — the full NBA guideline is more than 100 pages long and involves regular testings and other health safety precautions. The players will not be required, but rather encouraged to wear Oura.


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