Neanderthals May Have Used Their Hands Differently Than Us


A study into the difference in hand structure between us and  Neanderthal man has been conducted. It shows that marked differences in thumbs would have made what is termed the precision grip. Which is how we use tools etc. Is markedly not the same. Neanderthal man used tools, they painted on cave walls and used spears for hunting. However, there is a difference which would have been a major impediment. As an example, the ability because of a longer thumb to use precision tools would have had our ancient ancestors at a disadvantage. Thus the ability to use a sharp stone to cut meat for example would have been harder for them to achieve.

This is the first time that a study to hand movements in unison has been effected. This was achieved by comparing hand bone structures from skeletons found. With our bone structures as they have evolved until now.


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