Netflix Streaming Quality Changes Again

Photo via Unsplash.

Everyone’s favorite streaming service has made a sacrifice to contribute to the smoother-flowing Internet during the pandemic. Responding to a request from the EU, Netflix decreased its streaming bitrates across all streams in Europe, reducing the platform’s data consumption by 25% for approximately 30 days back in March. It all has changed once more.

According to TechRadar’s May 17th report, Netflix began returning the quality of its streaming back to usual levels. The subscribers from different parts of Europe are getting the usual, pre-lockdown 4K HDR at 15 Mb/s bitrate again. decided to test it themselves on 2020 TVs, but the result showed a maximum of 7.62 Mb/s.

But it depends on a device the Netflix content is streamed on, as well as on many other factors. In a comment issued to FlatpanelsHD, the streaming service claims that it is currently collaborating with various internet providers to ensure the quality boost as soon as possible. Netflix claims that it already added four times the usual capacity back in April and will gradually continue to do so.


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