Netflix To Get Rid Of Inactive Subscribers

Photo via Unsplash.

Netflix is preparing to kill the accounts that stayed dormant for too long — and the only way to preserve your data is to resubscribe ASAP.

The streaming service says the inactive user profiles will soon be erased from the system. This includes accs that haven’t watched anything for a year or used Netflix for two years. These users will receive e-mails and notifications to remind them that they still can save their account. If they fail to react, the whole profile will be axed automatically.

The viewers who cancel will still be able to join Netflix within the next 10 months and find their viewing history, favorites, and other data in place.

Netflix notes that not that many of their users are actually inactive, and their number is less than 1%. During the first months of 2020 alone the service gained more than 16 million new subscribers, thanks to the global pandemic lockdown. The service also says that it has already considered the impact of the accounts that soon will be deactivated.


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