New Crisis Hits the Country: The Nintendo Switch Shortage

Photo via Enrique Vidal Flores on Unsplash.

Games may not be officially classified as essential goods right now, but the gamer community is getting alarmed. And the reason Nintendo Switch Hardware rapidly going out of stock, GameSpot reported on April 2nd.

It is not terribly surprising — self-isolation is perfect for getting carried away with some Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing or Minecraft. It is also not surprising that resellers are now offering Nintendo consoles with a 50% markup.

The retail price fluctuates around $300 per bundle, but it’s almost impossible to find an official vendor that has some Nintendo goods left in stock.

GameSpot quoted the official statement from Nintendo which promises to satisfy the masses in the U.S. pretty soon. However, it is unknown, how soon, since the production is most likely halted for now due to the global quarantine.


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