Newzik Raises $3.3 Million For The Digital Era Of Sheet Music


Newzik, a French-based company, has beaten all the COVID-19 crisis odds to raise €3 million ($3.3 million) to reform sheet music.

The brand, which develops a digital reader iOS app for trained musicians, as well as musical venues and institutions, has already been a world leader in this field. With the new fundraising, it will be able to help out professionals, including teachers and students who are now working remotely.

In the official press release as of May 4th, Newzik stated that its new funding strives to strengthen relations with musical institutions all over the world, especially in the U.S., while developing AI products for different platforms.

The Newzik app will have new features allowing its users to collaborate and share musical content.

The brand’s technology offers them a set of unique features: a library in form of cloud storage, an annotation tool palette, page-turning that can be both automatic or triggered by foot switching, recording, and a sharable creative space for making notes and keeping scores in real-time.


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