No Rider Needed: Swiftmile and Tortoise Will Move Scooters and Bikes Between Docks Remotely

Photo by Dominika Roseclay via Pexels.

Two micromobility startups, Swiftmile and Tortoise, have entered a partnership to make vehicle charging easier.

Tortoise is known as the remotely controlled operating system used to reposition scooters, while Swiftmile provides smart charging stations for different micromobility operators. This is what makes the two projects mutually beneficial, explains Dmitry Shevelenko, the co-founder of Tortoise, according to TechCrunch.

Riders who rent the scooters or bikes equipped with Tortoise software won’t have to necessarily leave them at the dock station: instead, they can drop them at their destination point. Thanks to Tortoise, the vehicles will be moved to the nearest Swiftmile station without a human rider, but either autonomously (if the sidewalk traffic isn’t heavy), or by being controlled remotely by an operator.

Both companies hope to launch the project this very summer in several European and American cities.


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