Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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New Company Develops Polymer To Have Plastics Dissolve In Water

A new development has revolutionised plastics. They are producing the polymer used to produce items like plastic forks and knives. To melt...

Slovakian President Intends To Give Orders To Test The Entire Country

A small country of 5 million population has decided to test all its inhabitants for the pandemic. This is meant to take...

Chicken Nugget Launched Into Space

As a novelty in science goes this is truly a very good attempt to marry the two.  Subsequently, a premier frozen foods...


UV-cleaning Robots Make U.S. Airport Debut In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh International Airport becomes the first American hub to use ultraviolet for cleaning and disinfecting its venues. The traditional floor scrubbing machines...

Intel Buys Journey Planner App Moovit for $900 Million

Intel continues to invest in mobility services of all varieties, this time purchasing the Moovit app for $900 million. The company already...

Newzik Raises $3.3 Million For The Digital Era Of Sheet Music

Newzik, a French-based company, has beaten all the COVID-19 crisis odds to raise €3 million ($3.3 million) to reform sheet music.

Trolls Have One More Chance: Reddit To Bring Back Disastrous Chat Rooms

It looks like Reddit's new feature didn't work out — at least for now. The site launched "Start Chatting",...

Epic Games Will Now Demand Two-Factor Authentication From Everyone

Following some serious safety breaches leading to selling stolen user data on the black market, Epic Games decided to come through introducing...

Canceled South By Southwest’s Movies Are Now On Amazon

One of the most beloved film festivals in the world, South By Southwest (also known as SXSW), was canceled this year due...

Sotheby’s To Hold A Manga Auction

The most prominent auction house in the world is offering the finest pieces of modern manga to collectors. On...

Teen’s Murder Solved 40 Years Later With DNA Testing

Mary London, a 17-year-old “developmentally disabled” girl from North Sacramento was found dead on January 15th, 1981. Her battered body was dumped...

Zoom To Increase Encryption After The Overwhelming Growth In Users

After the total number of Zoom’s users skyrocketed by 50% in the past few weeks, the company decided to adopt some additional...