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Apple’s Fees And Polices For App Store Developers Are Investigated By...

Federal regulators in the U.S. are currently conducting an antitrust probe of the App Store — and its Terms&Conditions, as well as...

Hey Email App Is Back On App Store After Money Fight...

Hey, an email service app previously kicked off the App Store, is back after some negotiations with Apple. The...

Lifeguard AI By Sightbit Will Help Human Colleagues Detect Distressed Swimmers

Lifeguards can now be armed with AI technology. Sightbit is a brainchild of Israeli developers from Ben-Gurion University. Its...


Google Fails to Remove COVID-19 Based Targeted Ads, Causes Outrage

Journalist Peter Kafka was among the first people to call out Google LLC for failing to ban all the medical face masks adverts. His...

Chinese Will Spy on You by Facial Recognition Technology

A Chinese facial recognition technology that can ID people wearing masks is suspected of being used for greater electronic surveillance and invasion of privacy...