Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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New Company Develops Polymer To Have Plastics Dissolve In Water

A new development has revolutionised plastics. They are producing the polymer used to produce items like plastic forks and knives. To melt...

Slovakian President Intends To Give Orders To Test The Entire Country

A small country of 5 million population has decided to test all its inhabitants for the pandemic. This is meant to take...

Chicken Nugget Launched Into Space

As a novelty in science goes this is truly a very good attempt to marry the two.  Subsequently, a premier frozen foods...


Federal Court Decides What to Do with LeBronn’s Tattoos

It seems that a tattoo licensing firm Solid Oak Sketches isn’t getting the Take-Two Interactive Software money anytime soon. On March 26th Federal court...

3D Printing is the New Solution for Bugatti Cars

3D printing is here to stay — and to serve one of the most luxurious and powerful car empires in the world. Bugatti’s new...

Potentially Hazardous Asteroid is Heading Closer to Earth: Footage Revealed

An asteroid that can be easily observed with simple equipment is making a close approach to Earth on April 29, NASA announced. On March...

Planet Labs Exposes North Korea’s New Rocket Launch Site

Back in 2018 North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un made a promise to entirely demolish the country’s rocket launching station in Tonchang-ri....

Zoom Uses the Quarantine to Get Your Data Without Permission

Over the last month Zoom has become a saving grace in the period of social distancing. But the iOS version of that app transfers...

Fake Google Chrome Update Can Steal Your Money

Users of the Ripple payment network have been robbed of $160,000 in XRP, the company’s cryptocurrency. After an immediate investigation Xrplorer Forensic,...

Bleeping Computer Discovers Ugly Truth About the Ransomware Business

Three new ransomware families have launched sites to post stolen private data of major world-known companies. This came to light thanks to Bleeping Computer's...

App Store Comes to 20 New Countries Starting this April

Apple plans to extend its influence further, introducing the App Store in 20 more countries, the announcement on the company's official website...

Google Fails to Remove COVID-19 Based Targeted Ads, Causes Outrage

Journalist Peter Kafka was among the first people to call out Google LLC for failing to ban all the medical face masks adverts. His...