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Instacart Says Reused Passwords Are To Blame For Massive Privacy Breach...

Yet another huge eCommerce player has suffered a private data leak with Instacart finding around 270,000 accounts from their userbase being sold...

Apple’s Fees And Polices For App Store Developers Are Investigated By...

Federal regulators in the U.S. are currently conducting an antitrust probe of the App Store — and its Terms&Conditions, as well as...

Hey Email App Is Back On App Store After Money Fight...

Hey, an email service app previously kicked off the App Store, is back after some negotiations with Apple. The...


Microsoft Shuts Down Physical Stores Forever, Goes Fully Digital

Microsoft closes the absolute majority of its physical stores forever after a 21-year run, relocating online. Even a tech...

Print Yourself This NASA-Backed Necklace PULSE To Stop Touching Your Face

The waves of the COVID-19 pandemic are rising again, so the preventive measures such as keeping your hands off your face are...

ReadyUp Starts A Platform To Unite Gaming And Esports Events

ReadyUp has unveiled a new project led by the gaming world icon Roderick Alemania: a platform that helps you to never miss...

Follower Numbers, Not Credit Score: Karat Launches Credit Card For Online Creators

Karat, a fintech startup founded by Will Kim and Eric Wei in San Francisco, has raised more than $4.5 million to finally...

AirPower Returns: Wireless Charger Resurrected by Apple

It is apparently too soon to bury AirPower, even though Apple itself has officially done so. The wireless...

Billions of Names, Home Addresses, And More Leaked Through BlueKai’s Security Breach

BlueKai, one of the most accurate personal data banks in the world, suffered a security breach, putting massive quantities of private data...

Facebook Users In The U.S. Can Turn Off Political Ads

Facebook is now giving its users an opportunity to control what politics-related advertisements they wish to see. According...

T-Mobile Fires Hundreds Of Sprint Workers During 6-minute Call

T-Mobile has let go of a massive group of Sprint staff during a call that took no more than six minutes.

Twitter Introduces Audio Tweets For Selected iOs Users

IOs users are now able to post audio tweets: 140-second long voice memos recorded directly via the Twitter app. The new feature...