Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Amazon To Hire 100,000 Seasonal Staff Across the US

It is difficult as a behemoth to keep abreast of things on a normal basis. This is despite the technology investments which...

Metorite Finally Reveals Secrets

Meteorite bits have always fallen on earth. Scientists are convinced that it is this debris carrying organic life that seeded the planet...

Large Volcanic Activity On One Of Jupiter’s Moons Stunning New Pictures...

One of Jupiter’s moons offered a chance at new new images. Showing large amounts of volcanic activity they have been released...


Solar Panels New Material Perovskites Offers Breakthrough In Power Output

This could be a breakthrough that solar energy has been looking for. In its long history which included prohibitive cost and polluting...

Herd Immunity Policy Is Commiting Murder

The Cair and Chief Executive of Access Healthcare states. There are people within the present administration who are advocating herd immunity. As...

China Leads The Way On Mini-Apps

They can call it app fatigue or too wieldy. Only the inclination to download an app is on the wane. This has...

Black Hole Makes a Spaghetti Meal Out Of A Star

Think of a gargantuan meal of spaghetti that is what some lucky astronomers got to see. As a black hole devouring a...

Apple Vs Epic Ruling In Anti Trust Case

A ruling against Epic in the fight against apple has set the cat among the pigeons. Epic’s gamers can not access Apple’s...

Largest Liquid Fueled ICBM Missiles Shown In Parade

With the world dealing with a resurgence of the pandemic which is now back to spring numbers. On the other side of...

Hair Extensions From Forced Labour Camps In China Seized In US

One would think that the hair extension market would be in violation of international law. Only it most certainly is. Hair extensions...

Web Summit Postponed Until December

The pandemic continues to disrupt planned events, summits and conventions. It was therefore no surprise that the premier technology event in Europe...

Ceiling Robots To Help Elderly In Their Homes

The demographic time bomb starting this year and for the next twenty is that the 80+ sector is growing at the fastest...