Saturday, August 1, 2020

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Instacart Says Reused Passwords Are To Blame For Massive Privacy Breach...

Yet another huge eCommerce player has suffered a private data leak with Instacart finding around 270,000 accounts from their userbase being sold...

Apple’s Fees And Polices For App Store Developers Are Investigated By...

Federal regulators in the U.S. are currently conducting an antitrust probe of the App Store — and its Terms&Conditions, as well as...

Hey Email App Is Back On App Store After Money Fight...

Hey, an email service app previously kicked off the App Store, is back after some negotiations with Apple. The...


No Rider Needed: Swiftmile and Tortoise Will Move Scooters and Bikes Between Docks Remotely

Two micromobility startups, Swiftmile and Tortoise, have entered a partnership to make vehicle charging easier. Tortoise is known as...

NBA Advises The Players To Wear Oura Rings When Postponed Season Resumes

After taking risks and deciding to finish the 2019-2020 season this summer, the NBA has introduced safety measures for the players, one...

FoodLogiQ Develops Unique Database To Help You Track Your Food’s Journey Through Supply Chains

FoodLogiQ, a U.S.-based software company guarding food visibility, wants you to track what you eat. It is basically impossible...

LA’S A+D Museum Goes Digital Forever

Los Angeles’s Architecture and Design Museum, most commonly known as A+D Museum, will reject its material form and relocate online forever.

Hulu Introduces GatewayGo, The Next-Generation Ad Strategy

Hulu is building a bridge between the advertisers and the audience by introducing a GatewayGo unit. The idea behind the new strategy...

Apple Will Let App Store Developers Appeal The Guidelines

Apple is willing to give more freedom to the developers when it comes to following the App Store rules.

Fitness App Peloton Is Available For Apple TV Now

Peloton is finally Apple TV-ready.  The New-York born fitness company has been nothing if not successful ever since the...

Spike Turns All Your Emails Into Minimalist Chats

Spike has recently raised $8 million to strip traditional emails down to the chat-like format. This means that after being merged with...

Podhero Will Help You Support Your Favorite Podcasts

Podhero, an app that allows you to discover new podcasts and support your beloved ones, has been officially launched.