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Scientists Created Human-Mouse Chimera Embryo

Scientists have created a mouse embryo that's 4% human. The hybrid is what they call a human-animal chimera, a single organism that's...

Microsoft Office 365 Phishing Scam Is Able To Bypass Multi-Factor Authentication

Office 365 users are not immune to phishing just because Microsoft equipped it with multi-factor authentication (MFA): the recently discovered campaign can...

Vigilante Hackers Target Scammers Through Ransomware

The members of a hacker group CyberWare are out for some scammer blood. According to their own Twitter confession, they have created...


The U.S. Space Force Finally Launches Boeing’s X-37B Space Plane On Cryptic Mission (VIDEO)

After postponing the initial plans for 24 hours due to bad weather, the U.S. Space Force finally launched a top-secret autonomous X-37B...

Netflix Streaming Quality Changes Again

Everyone’s favorite streaming service has made a sacrifice to contribute to the smoother-flowing Internet during the pandemic. Responding to a request from...

Tony Hawk’s ProSkater 1 and 2 Soundtrack Is On Spotify, Offering Late 90s Nostalgia

As it was announced this week, the first two "Tony Hawk’s Pro Slater" games are getting a modern makeover — remastered versions...

OnePlus Z To Get Its Own AirPods Alternative

It looks like OnePlus is prepared to battle for the affection of AirPods lovers. According to MaxJ, a Twitter...

Verizon Blasted For Misleading 5G Advertising

The Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) National Advertising Division has called out Verizon for it's dubious and overhyped advertising of 5G networks.

Apple AR Glasses Will Not Show Up Until 2022

Apple continues to tread further into the virtual reality world. The company has just purchased NextVR, a startup that has content-licensing deals...

Google Chrome To Axe Ads That Are Too Heavy

Ads that drain your gadget's resources will soon be taken care of by Google Chrome. The browser, which has a built-in ad...

Glydways To Test Autonomous Car Transit System With Californian Passengers

Glydways, a South San Francisco-based transportation company, will test a new transit system using solely autonomous electric cars.  The Californian city of...

NASA TV Will Air The Launch Of Cargo Spacecraft To The International Space Station

A Japanese resupply spacecraft named "Kounotori" (White Stork) is set to be launched to the International Space Station on May 20th —...