Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Amazon To Hire 100,000 Seasonal Staff Across the US

It is difficult as a behemoth to keep abreast of things on a normal basis. This is despite the technology investments which...

Metorite Finally Reveals Secrets

Meteorite bits have always fallen on earth. Scientists are convinced that it is this debris carrying organic life that seeded the planet...

Large Volcanic Activity On One Of Jupiter’s Moons Stunning New Pictures...

One of Jupiter’s moons offered a chance at new new images. Showing large amounts of volcanic activity they have been released...


Microplastics a growing problem

We all know there is a problem with plastics pollution which ends up in our seas affecting its inhabitants. It not only...

Sputnik V Is Resurrected As Russia’s New Virus Vaccine

The rush to develop a vaccine against the pandemic has caused Russia to act in a hasty manner. Putin has given orders...

Presidents Treatment Statements Prompt Controversy

Controversy over the Presidents health and how is responding to treatment are the topic of the day. This was partly as a...

Is Vitamin D The Cure For The Coronavirus

Is Vitamin D the cure for Coronavirus? There has been much discussion as to whether D helps to keep the coronavirus at...

COVID 19 Resurgence Is Spiking In Numbers

There all calls from many states that are warning the pandemic is back. Wisconsin has reported a 300% increase in numbers in...

Three Biggest Social Media Heads Subpeoned By Senate

The three largest social media sites have had their CEOs subpoened by the senate. There have been various recent subpoenas in recent...

NASA On Multi-Billion / Project / Year Drive

NASA  is on a serious mission. It is at a rapid pace bringing on partners and making alliances. That show it is...

Apple Is In A War With All Others In Industry

There is an almighty battle royal between Apple and Epic Games. This involves app stores and how they are purchased. Epic has...

Instacart Says Reused Passwords Are To Blame For Massive Privacy Breach As Their Use Database Goes On Dark Web Sale

Yet another huge eCommerce player has suffered a private data leak with Instacart finding around 270,000 accounts from their userbase being sold...