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Instacart Says Reused Passwords Are To Blame For Massive Privacy Breach...

Yet another huge eCommerce player has suffered a private data leak with Instacart finding around 270,000 accounts from their userbase being sold...

Apple’s Fees And Polices For App Store Developers Are Investigated By...

Federal regulators in the U.S. are currently conducting an antitrust probe of the App Store — and its Terms&Conditions, as well as...

Hey Email App Is Back On App Store After Money Fight...

Hey, an email service app previously kicked off the App Store, is back after some negotiations with Apple. The...


“Remove China Apps” App Deleted From Play Store

Google has finally axed an app that contributed to the global anti-China moods. "Remove China Apps" was designed to scan your device,...

Anti-harassment Software Startup Ethena Raises $2 Million

Two Harward alumni, Anne Solmssen and Roxanne Petraeus are ready to revamp corporate anti-harassment training with a more digestible approach.

Twitter To Introduce Better Verification Request

It has never been easy to get blue-checked on Twitter. The rules for acquiring the "verified" mark are quite vague and confusing,...

Uber Can Lose GrubHub Before Even Properly Getting It

Uber's ambitious plans to acquire GrubHub, an American service specializing in delivering food from a variety of venues, may fall through. Two...

Apple Hastily Asks LG Display For Supply As It’s Running Low on iPads

After the COVID-19 lockdown took over the world, Apple decided to adopt some preventive measures and go easy on orders from their...

Google Introduces Sodar, Experimental AR App For Better Social Distancing

As the COVID-19 numbers keep going up and down, it’s safe to say that the social distancing measures remain a priority. This...

“Good Bacteria” Given To Pregnant Mothers Could Minimize Risks Of Future Autism-like Symptoms In Kids, New Animal Study Shows

Autism-like and some other neurodevelopmental disorders in kids can be prevented if their pregnant mothers receive a certain bacteria through the third...

Samsung Will Expand Foundry Facilities for Image Sensors, Is Expected To Invest $800,000,000 In The Project

Samsung Electronics will extend its plants for CMOS image sensors (CISs). It is planning to transform a section of its Dynamic Random...

People With Asthma Are Still High-Risk As COVID-19 Pandemic Continues: New Face Mask Advice Is Offered By Experts

Unstable weather and seasonal allergies have never been kind to those with asthma, and the COVID-19 pandemic is making matters more confusing....