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Scientists Created Human-Mouse Chimera Embryo

A human-mouse chimera has become a reality after scientists from the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Centre and Buffalo’s State University created an...

Microsoft Office 365 Phishing Scam Is Able To Bypass Multi-Factor Authentication

Office 365 isn't immune to phishing just because Microsoft equipped it with multi-factor authentication: the recently discovered tactic can get pass it...

Vigilante Hackers Target Scammers Through Ransomware

The members of a hacker group CyberWare are out for some scammer blood. According to their own Twitter confession, they have created...


New Crisis Hits the Country: The Nintendo Switch Shortage

Games may not be officially classified as essential goods right now, but the gamer community is getting alarmed. And the reason Nintendo...

Get Ready: the Super “Pink” Moon is on Its Way

Nature has prepared something beautiful to light up these trying times. April 7 marks the appearance of the brightest full moon of the year, also known as the supermoon. And it won't be your ordinary supermoon too. The Earth's natural satellite is about to change its color for a night. Even though the official name of this happening is "The Pink Moon", the actual shade of the planet will be reddish, golden and orange during the rise. It will reach its peak at 10:35 EDT. The Pink Moon’s distinctive color is the result of it moving as close to the Earth as possible (which is exactly 252,707 miles). Therefore, the light of the Sun that it reflects will travel down to us through the maximum amount of atmosphere. And our atmosphere tends to let long wavelengths of light — namely the red and oranges ones — through first. Americans will be able to observe the Pink Moon with the naked eye. The next supermoon will happen on May 7.

Potato Accident on Microsoft Teams Becomes a Sensation

Video conference apps continue to spice up the lives of those who have to work and study remotely — mostly by adding...

Rejected Star Wars 9 Script Gets Animated, Leaves Fans Obsessed (VIDEO)

Disney might have rejected Colin Trevorrow’s original movie script for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker in favor of JJ Adams’ production....

Freshly Discovered Peacock Spider is a Copy of Van Gogh’s Painting (VIDEO)

Australian fauna continues to blow people’s minds with its strange beauty. The latest discovery by an entomology and arachnology expert Joseph Schubert is a...

Federal Court Decides What to Do with LeBronn’s Tattoos

It seems that a tattoo licensing firm Solid Oak Sketches isn’t getting the Take-Two Interactive Software money anytime soon. On March 26th Federal court...

3D Printing is the New Solution for Bugatti Cars

3D printing is here to stay — and to serve one of the most luxurious and powerful car empires in the world. Bugatti’s new...

Potentially Hazardous Asteroid is Heading Closer to Earth: Footage Revealed

An asteroid that can be easily observed with simple equipment is making a close approach to Earth on April 29, NASA announced. On March...

Planet Labs Exposes North Korea’s New Rocket Launch Site

Back in 2018 North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un made a promise to entirely demolish the country’s rocket launching station in Tonchang-ri....