Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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New Company Develops Polymer To Have Plastics Dissolve In Water

A new development has revolutionised plastics. They are producing the polymer used to produce items like plastic forks and knives. To melt...

Slovakian President Intends To Give Orders To Test The Entire Country

A small country of 5 million population has decided to test all its inhabitants for the pandemic. This is meant to take...

Chicken Nugget Launched Into Space

As a novelty in science goes this is truly a very good attempt to marry the two.  Subsequently, a premier frozen foods...


Verizon Blasted For Misleading 5G Advertising

The Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division has slammed Verizon for it’s dubious and overhyped promotion of 5G networks.

Apple AR Glasses Will Not Show Up Until 2022

Apple has just purchased NextVR, a startup that has content-licensing contracts with the NBA, Fox Sports, as well as numerous leagues. Since...

Google Chrome To Axe Ads That Are Too Heavy

Ads that drain your gadget’s resources will soon be taken care of by Google Chrome. The browser, which has a built-in ad...

Glydways To Test Autonomous Car Transit System With Californian Passengers

Glydways, a San Francisco transportation company, will test an innovative transit system using solely autonomous electric vehicles. The Californian city of Oakley...

NASA TV Will Air The Launch Of Cargo Spacecraft To The International Space Station

A Japanese spacecraft “Kounotori” (White Stork) will be sent to the International Space Station/ “Kounotori”, or HTV-9, which will not be piloted, will blast off on an H-IIB rocket, and NASA TV and JAXA websites plan to livestream the take-off event from the Tanegashima Space Center starting 1 p.m. on May 20th. The craft will arrive at the International Space Station in 5 days. Its grapple will be livestreamed as well. HTV-9's task is to bring 4 tons of cargo — water, food, additional parts, and tools for the station's experiments. This is reported to be the last mission for HTV-9 following 11 years of service since JAXA is making new vehicles that are lighter and can carry more cargo in a section that can be reused. These new vehicles will be able to perform automated docking to the adapters. They will be introduced in 2022.

Uber’s New AI Will Report Drivers Without Face Masks

The Uber app will now contain a vision algorithm designed to scan drivers’ selfies and detect if they are wearing their face...

Iron Man VR To Finally Arrive In July

Marvel’s Iron Man virtual reality shooter has finally powered its way to the premier. The Campuflaj-produced game was postponed...

Microsoft and Intel Create Project STAMINA For Revolutionary Antivirus Technique

Intel and Microsoft are collaborating to create a perfect anti-malware product. STAMINA, which stands for STAtic Malware-as-Image Network Analysis...

Outraged Fans Create Petition To Remove “Sparkly Abomination” Scrabble App

Things are heating up in the Scrabble fandom. The world’s most famous word game has recently received a new...