Pandemic Numbers Surge To New Daily Records In Europe


Records for the pandemic are setting records in Europe as the winter resurgence is back in greater force. Countries who had handled the virus quite well since the pandemic made record numbers early this year. However, what we have now are higher numbers than the previous days in many capital cities of major countries. What is worrying is that the WHO has come out with an alarming report. That says in the last couple of weeks European numbers now have risen higher than registered early this year. New projections are alarmingly surging higher and faster than previously forecast as a result. The most worrying aspect is yet again the response by Governments. Which is shutdowns and curfews affecting business and the economy of these countries. Local leaders are vehemently against them as they say they affect the jobs, lives and local economy devastatingly.

They also do not see why they should implement these measures when the Governments own advisors claim they do not work. Worrying times indeed.   


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